Pet Shop Boys Lost

et Shop Boys will be releasing their first new music for two years with the four-track CD EP, “Lost”, which accompanies the 2023 edition of Pet Shop Boys “Annually” book, available in April. 

The four songs, “The lost room”, “I will fall”, “Skeletons in the closet” and “Kaputnik” were written and recorded as demos in London and Berlin in 2015 for potential inclusion on the album “Super” but weren’t included “not because we didn’t like them,” according to Neil Tennant, “but because they didn’t fit the album.” The decision to release them now as an EP was made because “they all sit together quite well, production-wise, they’re all super-electronic,” and also because “some of them are sort of relevant to the world at the moment.”  

The EP takes its title “Lost” from the first song, “The lost room”, but “it also seems to represent a sort of larger, philosophical or political point, where there’ve been times recently where the world feels a bit lost in terms of the direction it’s going in.”  

The “Lost” CD EP and the 2023 edition of “Annually” will be released on April 14th and can be pre-ordered at the link below.